About Tantora

Tantora is a brand from Thailand.
Our motto is: “Nature for aquarium”. Our goals are the production of natural and organic nutritional products for shrimps. In addition, the Tantora brand products improve the quality of water and the conditions in the aquarium.

Our products are also recommended for animals such as crayfish and fish such as discus fish, cichlids, betta, arowana …
Tantora’s products are primarily selection, selection and once again selection.

All products are carefully laminated and packaged to ensure high quality and freshness.


Talk about us on youtube – Szopens Shrimps channel


We are pleased to announce that our products have been reviewed on the youtube channel Szopens Shrimps…

We offer the highest quality products for the aquarium


TANTORA offers the highest quality products for the aquarium. Selected, ecological products from distant areas of Thailand naturally…

Delivery of Tantora Roots Drift Branch Wood


We have just received the expected delivery of selected roots of Tantora Drift Branch Wood. Roots of high quality, very well…


Our Products

Tantora XL Catappa Leaves Premium Grade

Tantora M Catappa Leaves Premium Grade

Tantora Nano Catappa Leaves

Tantora Catappa Leaves Tea Bag

Tantora Catappa Bark

Tantora Catappa Log

Tantora Dried Banana Leaf

Tantora Ready Mulberry

Tantora Dried Guava Leaves

Tantora Betta Spa

Tantora Drift Branch Wood