Tantora Dried Guava Leaves

Product Charactor :

  • Natural food for Dwarf Shrimp, Bacterial prevention.
  • 100% organic cultivate ( Please beware guava leaves from commercial gardens, because they have pesticide chemical , Danger for your shrimp)

Usage :

  • Boil about 10-15 minutes
  • Take in Shrimp tank


  • Prevent Bacteria Vibrio that cause of many disease for Shrimp
  • Prevent and eliminate luminous bacteria in Shrimp
  • A good source of natural food for shrimp


Researches of Guava Leaves with Shrimp

  • Comparison on the efficiency of guava and oxytetracycline to eliminate luminous bacteria in black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)
  • Efficiency of Boiling Extracted Guava Leaves (Psidium guaijava Linn.) on Growth Inhibition of Vibrios Isolated From Black Tiger Shrimp.