Tantora Drift Branch Wood

Tantora Drift Branch Wood – these hardwood sprigs were carefully prepared by the founder of Tantora

All pieces were cut from Thai hardwood trees which are known to be safe for aquatic life.

They were boiled and then soaked in aquarium water with fishes for 2-3 months before being taken out and dried for shipment.
Tantora guarantees that every piece is safe for fish and shrimps, and that they will sink within 2-5 days of being soaked in water.

Each piece is unique and will add a special character to your biotope. They will not stain the water column in the aquarium unlike dark-coloured driftwood. They will not disintegrate in the aquarium for years. You may note that they are a little more expensive than regular driftwood, but are well worth the money for their beauty and the assurances.


This piece can be used immediately in your aquarium.
Just weigh it down with using a fishing-line with inert weights tied at both ends. Bury the weights in the sand so that they are not eye-sores.
After a week, cut the fishing-line and pull out the weights.

Alternatively, you may want to soak it in clean fresh water for at least 2-5 days until it sinks before introducing into your tank.

Another quick way to have the piece to sink is to boil it in hot water for an hour or so,
though boiling is not necessary for these hardwood sprigs