Tantora Dried Banana Leaf

Tantora Dried Banana Leaf

Tips for aquarium fish lover, You can use DRIED BANANA LEAF which has benefits like Indian almond leave .


Benefits of Tantora DRIED BANANA LEAF

  • Make water fresh all time and reduce ph of the water
  • Relieve stress all tropical fish
  • Cure fish skin and anti-bacteria
  • Stop growth of bacteria, which damage fish skin and may be fish sick.
  • Stimulates aquarium fish color

How to use…

  • Before use Tantora DRIED BANANA LEAF, You should ensure that it without bacteria, pollution or disease.
  • Bring a few pieces of leaf to a gallon of water, use time 1-2 days. Water will change to black water.
  • Bring black water to a betta tank, betta should stay in it around 7 days.


Why customers trust us?

As you know, this leave growth in Asian. Thailand is the original source of banana leaf. We have own garden for this , so we can provide a quality product and value money for you.

You can trust in our quality from Processing step below

  • We collect it from my Garden.
  • Wash it in a fresh water more than 3 time, You can ensure about cleaning process.
  • Bring it to dried by sun, ensure that it don’t have bacteria or other pollution.
  • When it dried, pack it in plastic zip lock, Make sure that you can get a banana leaf which smooth and prevent them from moisture between shipping.