Tantora Amaranth Leaves of Amaranthus

Taranto Amaranth – it is food in the form of dried in the air and boiled amaranth leaves, thanks to which they have retained their nutritional value. Thanks to the pre-treatment, they are easy to use and very nutritious for shrimps.

Amaranth is one of the oldest and richest nutrient crops, one of superfoods. Once valued by the Maya and Aztecs, called the “Inca gold” and “holy plant of the Indians”, today it is called “grain of the 21st century”.

It is a source of protein, B vitamins (vitamin B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid) and minerals: phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It has a high fiber content.

Leaves of Tantor amaranth come from bio-growing without pesticides or fertilizers.

The advantages of using:
– Natural food for all shrimp
– They contain huge amounts of minerals, fiber and vitamins
– They help keep the shrimp in very good condition
– They support the process of moulting

– 1 leaf for about 40 pieces of shrimp